I bought a new MacBook Pro

-1699$ ……

Foo wrote on 2021-06-23

I bought a new MacBook Pro

-1699$ ……

Foo wrote on 2021-06-23

(~= 1699 USD , then add in the Chinese taxes. )

After my previous MacBook Pro has been with me for close to seven years,
I bought it because I wanted a laptop with a longer battery life.

It runs Blender faster than my old one! (Of course)

截屏2021-06-21 上午12.12.23

Here’s a screenshot of my original mid-2014 MacBook Pro 15 running a Blender render, which took about two and a half hours (look at the time in the upper left corner of the screenshot). So how long did the same project take on the M1?

56 minutes …… And I’m not connected to a power supply at this time. Of course this score can still be beaten by a strong enough performance desktop is.

And it was only with the recently updated Blender 2.93 (which is the native ARM version) that I was able to beat my old MacBook Pro like this. If I had used the old version and then Rosetta to translate it, it might not have worked as well.

Run Windows on M1 chip Mac

At first, Boot Camp requires a Mac with Intel Processor ,
So you won’t find Boot Camp in LaunchPad.

Windows 10 has just released an Insider Preview version for ARM64, Parallels Desktop has also released a version that works on M1, and it even has a guide to install Windows for you!

But it’s also the ARM version, so normal Windows applications still need to be translated to run. I’ll just give you a few examples of my own.

截屏2021-06-24 下午6.50.41

​ And I occured some failure with some MME Effects, So I can only suggest that you save often.

  • RPG Maker VX: Steam download version can’t start (missing RGSS02E.dll), copying out the DLL in the RTP that comes with it doesn’t help, but taking out the RGSS02E.dll of an old game surprisingly works. 😂

截屏2021-06-20 下午6.31.29

  • RPG Maker VX Ace: I can’t open it, the mouse pointer icon turns twice and it’s gone. I don’t have any VX Ace games on hand, so I didn’t dig any deeper.

That’s about it, currently I can only run on Windows software is probably these, like RPG Maker MV/MZ and Sizebox have native macOS version, although still have to rely on Rosetta.

As well as it meets my requirements for battery life

截屏2021-06-24 下午8.06.15

Just take my dosage today directly to illustrate it. (And I don’t know why the usage doesn’t show up when the screen is on.)

I turned on the screen at around 16:00 today, and then opened a Windows virtual machine for an hour to use the MMD, and then started listening to music with headphones while writing this article. The screen brightness is automatically adjusted to 50%.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my new MacBook Pro 2020 M1. The key to getting it is the excellent battery life, so I can take it out for a day.

But since some hotkeys in RPG Maker MZ are broken, so I’m not really in the mood to continue making up stories (?). I’d like to take advantage of this to translate the previous story.

I’ll end with a picture that I just tried to make :-)